First off, you might want to call to confirm this, but I believe Phil specializes in Hondas and foreign cars.

I was married to a former mechanic who did all of our auto work – oil changes, tune-ups, etc.  When I got a divorce last year, I had to find someone to do this.  My tire guy recommended this place and I’ve been taking my car there ever since.  Phil is incredibly honest and trustworthy.  He always explains exactly what he’s recommending, why and how much it will cost and sticks to that.  He waits for approval before doing the work and will tell you if it’s a repair that can wait because he understands that not everyone is made out of money.  I would highly recommend him.

In fact, my ex-husband had a repair that was beyond his abilities and amount of free time, so he took his car there based on my rec and loved this place.  He will definitely be going back too.

Jonathan David T., Los Angeles 9/14/2010

I’ve taken my Honda Accord to several places in Glendale and Burbank and wasn’t satisfied with any of them. Then I discovered Phil’s Imports. This place is very close to where I live, and I don’t know why I never thought to trying Phil out before now. It was nice being able to deal with the actual owner instead of disgruntled employees at places like Colonial Honda which serviced my Accord for several years before I finally had enough of their overpriced labor and sub par customer service.

Phil did a 90,000 mile check and replaced many cheap parts (thanks to a dishonest Pacoima mechanic I once used out of desperation) for authentic Honda parts. He did all kinds of stuff on my car which my husband could describe better. But suffice it to say that Phil is a reliable guy who charges honest prices, and I’m happy that I’ve finally found a mechanic I can count on.

Kuniklo P, Burbank 11/27/2008

Where do I begin? I’ve been going to Phil’s Imports since my car was a baby (brand new). We’re talking circa 1993 here. I used to take my car to the Acura dealer prior to that but high prices and modifications I made to my car forced me to find a reputable “independent Honda/Acura mechanic” . How did I hear of Phil’s Imports?? The good ol’ yellow pages. HAHA… Yes! We used them back then to find goods & services. That’s how long I’ve been a satisfied customer…. I’m probably the pickiest person in trusting someone with my car and I have every confidence in Phil & his staff (Jerry, Joe).

Phil has always been straight up with me. He tells me what needs to be done. He tells me the work that can be put off until later and what issues need to be addressed right away. I have trusted him with the care of my car, which is my baby, and I do not know any higher compliment to pay other than that.

I go to Phil’s for everything from oil changes, minor & major maintenance work to replacing my wiper blades. He uses all brand new factory Honda/Acura parts & some re-manufactured factory parts when given the option due to age of car or cost effectiveness of it. I’ve referred family members & friends to Phil’s and they continue to have their cars serviced there, as well.

I highly recommend Phil’s Imports for the great service & honest approach he and his staff provide. The peace of mind has been immeasurable over the last 20+ years.

Chuck D, Los Angeles 11/8/2012

Last Sunday my cars transmission started making grinding noise, and improper shifting. I parked the car and asked on FB who knew a mechanic they would go back to. Phil was highly recommended so I gave him a try.
He was not interested in jumping to conclusions, and said he will check it out and let me know. It turned out that I needed a new Transmission. I said OK to the trani ,and he sold me on replacing the Engines rear main seal ( it was leaking and this was the appropriate time to replace since the trans. was out. ).

Phil’s estimate was on target, and he had the car done when promised.
The shop is clean, and the clients all seem to be repeat customers.

I am comforted knowing there is a mechanic I can trust with my car

Thanks Phil.

Carlos D, Los Angeles 6/27/2013