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Silicone Rubber Parts (Chassis Rubber Components)

At Phil’s Imports, we recommend applying silicone to the chassis rubber components during scheduled maintenance services. Applying silicone to rubber, retains the mechanical properties and keeps it from becoming brittle. Silicone maintains the elasticity, tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance).

Winter and Summer Fuel Blends

Did you know there are different types of gasoline blends formulated for your vehicle during summer and winter conditions? Summer-blend gasoline puts out less harmful emissions and may result in a slight increase in gas mileage than winter-blend gasoline (during the summer time). The difference between summer and winter gasoline blends is the RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure).

The higher the RVP in the gasoline, the more likely it will be to evaporate as temperature increases. Summer blend gasoline is less likely to evaporate as temperature increases, it has a low RVP. Winter blend gasoline has higher RVP. Summer blend gasoline has more energy than winter blend gasoline (according to The Environmental Protection Agency). This may give reason as to why summer blend gasoline is more expensive. In California, the EPA requires the use of summer and winter blend gas.

Windshield Wiper Blades

A quick tip to extend the life of your wiper blades is to clean them often, when they are being used regularly. Be sure windshield is clean of oil and debris. Even though the wiper blades make dirt and bugs disappear from your view, sometimes the dirt and bugs collect on the rubber blades. If your wiper blades seem to be working less efficiently, you can use the tips below to inspect them.

Inspect rubber wiper blade for visible tears and or cracks. Replace if necessary.

Older wiper blades may have hardened rubber, which does not form to your window, creating streaks. Replace if necessary.